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student to a certain university because he will be “out of his league” – these are all Gerald Dworkin (born 1937) is a professor of moral, political and legal philosophy. He is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at the University of California, Davis. In 2016–17 he is the Brady Distinguished Visiting Professor of Ethics and Civic Life at Northwestern University. He has written for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy . Kui pehme paternalism panustab teadmistele ning jätab inimesele iseotsustamise õiguse, siis range paternalism teeb ühiskondliku kahju vältimiseks panuse sunnimeetmetele.

Gerald dworkin paternalism

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This then can be called moral paternalism. Gerald Dworkin, Defining Paternalism – PhilPapers Persons may be civilly committed if they are a danger to themselves. If we think of cases of rational persuasion, then in the ideal case, we would find that the agent chooses because she believes she been given reasons, these reasons support her choice, and she acts because of those reasons. Dworkin on paternalism Notes for April 5 Main points.

Se hela listan på philosophynow.org The philosopher Gerald Dworkin has defined paternalism as “the interference of a state or an individual with another person, against their will, and justified by a claim that the person interfered with be better off or protected from harm.” 7 (The agent need not be limited to the “state” or an “individual” but can include an institution or a group of individuals in specific roles.) Se hela listan på plato.stanford.edu paternalism, including those of John Stuart Mill, Gerald Dworkin, and Joel Feinberg, are seriously defective. This is due to their neglect of two basic methodological points ((2) and (3)) about developing a theory of paternalism. (2) A theory of paternalism must answer at least three interre?

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May 17, 2012. Introduction. In “Paternalism” [1], Gerald Dworkin asks whether or not the state is ever justified in restricting the freedom of a person strictly for their own good.

Gerald dworkin paternalism

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Set of conditions paternalism is justified according to Dworkin •the likelihood of benefit or harm is clear Paternalism as a theoretical concept. Dworkin in a 1972 paper identified paternalism as “the interference with a person’s liberty of action justified by reasons referring exclusively to the welfare, good, happiness, needs, interests or values of the person being coerced.” Gerald Dworkin, ‘Paternalism’, Stanford Encyclopedia; Simon Clarke, ‘A Definition of Paternalism’, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 5(1) (2002) 81-91; and Peter De Marneffe, ‘Avoiding Paternalism’, Philosophy and Public Affairs 34(1) (2006) 68-94. Paternalism: An Analysis - Volume 28 Issue 2. 5 Nevertheless I haven't found clear textual evidence that he does have this in mind.

According to Mill, limit to individual freedom is based on Hart’s principle of harm to oneself vs. harm to others. Volume 56, Issue 1, January 1972 Philosophy and Public Policy. Gerald Dworkin. Pages 64-84 Paternalism (av latinets pater, "fader") syftar vanligtvis på en attityd eller princip som "trampar" på en annans persons vilja eller åsikt.. Paternalism bygger på antagandet att en person med makt (till exempel en förälder eller en förmyndare) ser till de beskyddades väl och är mer förmögen att främja detta än de beskyddade själva. 2021-04-06 · The doctor who lies to her terminally ill patients, the parent who stipulates in her will that a child may not inherit an estate before the age of thirty, the psychiatrist who tells his adolescent patient that he must inform her parents of her drug use, the professor who refuses to recommend her Ph.D.
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208 - Benefience - paternalism - "Paternatilistic acts often use such forms of influence as  Gerald Parkman.
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viii - "The earliest s. 338 - Antisex-feminism, Catharine Mackinnon, Andrea Dworkin.

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